Sunday, 12 September 2010

West Wind Productions Saxons

First Unit of 15 Gedriht for WAB

Close up of right flank
(The guy with Bull skull covered in blood will eventually be my ASB)

Left Flank

Centre ( The Guy in the Sutton Hoo Helm will be a Cyning and army general)

Ive had these miniatures for some time and only recently got some paint on them, I used Army builder quickshade and their Matt varish then super highlighted them and muddied the cloaks etc. Ive Hand painted the shields and will probably do the banners too for this army (Ill do away with the LBMS banner at the back ad replace it with a boar or similar). Nice figures and Im a fan of the seperate head system as it allows quite a lot of variation in the units, more soon.

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