Sunday, 19 May 2013

Painting British MTP Camo

Got hold of some Modern British Infantry at Tripples in Sheffield today from Under Fire Miniatures. Firstly I have to say these casts are the best I've ever seen, anatomically perfect and super detailed, VERY VERY impressed and its inspired me to get into Force on Force.

So, heres a step by step of how I painted the MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern - the new british uniform pattern).

I googled a full screen pic of the MTP material and some shots of troops to get an idea of the look. On studying the picture Ive tried to deconstruct the colours and come up with a painting order, heres what I used.....

1) figure primed in Vallejo 988 Khaki, I do this by hand as it gives me a chance to look the figure over closely, pretentious sounding but its like "meeting the model" and lets you get an idea of where the detail is.
2) using Vallejo 914 Green Ochre I applied large blotches to about 75% of the figure, this will also be my guide for the next 2 colours
3) Ive softened Vallejo 984 Flat Earth with a 50% khaki mix, stay inside the Green Ochre, cover a third of it....
4) vallejo 893 US dark green, again inside green ochre and another third....
Youre now thinking "Jeesh way to dark" right.... Bear with me
4) black and white stripes and dots, tiny ones, be subtle, leave large gaps....
5) wash with 50% Games Workshop Agrax and 50% boiling water this softens the agrax and helps with flow....
Getting close but still way too dark...
6) Drybrush very very lightly with original khaki. This needs to build up very slowly, be dubtle, you can add more but not remove this so go slowly....

Oops, got excited! So heres final stages

7) following drybrush i use a fine brush to line in detailed shadows around pockets creases etc using neat agrax earthshade

8) final stage for Camo is to re visit the white and black stripes n dots. This gives the camo its distinctive look.

9) SA80 - paint it black, butt plate is US dark Green, then i drybrush with Vallejo German grey or a similar Dark grey 
(Older weapons esp AK's in Afghan I'd do gun metal) when dry, wash with GW Nuln Oil which puts a Matt black finish, final highlight done in slightly lighter Grey. 

10) Flesh, GW talarn flesh foundation, reikland fleshwash, highlight cadian fleshtone, super highlight kiskev flesh.

11) boots Vallejo 912 Tan Yellow, and wash with Agrax Earthshade.

12) base, ALWAYS build it up with filler to level of the models base, this avoids the "Dirt surfboard" look! grit with PVA, and use a 3 tone light sand drybrush lastly add some silfleur or similar tufts and then paint the edge to keep it tidy!

Need a daylight shot as ambient lights poor so he looks darker than he is now but I'm happy with the look


  1. Fantastic mini! Looks spot on to my mullticam gear or OCP as we call it in the states. Great tutorial too, I figured the skipped pics were hiding trade secrets! ;)

  2. Nice work Mike, I slept when I got home too tired to paint ;)

  3. good work Mike I had 10 hours sleep last night I guess you didn't
    Peace James

  4. Very convincing, looks like the real thing.

  5. Great job , and good walk through thanks