Thursday, 30 September 2010

Saxon Leaders finished and based

Two Finished WAB Leaders, one will be army General one a character

Gripping Beasts Penda

Penda from the front, he has just butchered the guy at his feet, not pretty when someone has their head smashed in and back chopped open with an axe!

This is Musketeers Saxon General again now based.

Same figure from the front with a slain champion at his feet.

This is the test base I did, I felt all the Saxon bases looked a bit garish with the flock, so I toned em down using airbrushed devlan mud, nice effect, tones down the flock and cos it also hits the lower part of the miniature it blends it into the base and subtly makes it look like it belongs in the terrain on the base.


  1. Some very nice Old English painting here!


  2. Love your painting, great style and attention to detail. Really, really nice.

  3. Wow high parise indeed from you too cos I follow your blogs, thank you.

  4. Outstanding! This really makes me want to paint some WAB stuff.

  5. Your painting is fantastic and i will be back to see more it is my favourite past time to veiw and learn from others pinting skills great work

  6. Wow, your Saxon stuff is the best. Thanks so much for posting.