Friday, 23 April 2010

Arthurians from West Wind Productions

Mounted Commander - My Arthur...

Standard Bearer with LBMS Banner of course.

Mounted Spearman

Excellent figures, hands can be a bit small and fine like some of the Old Glory Line - same sculptor I believe now runs West Wind. But overall the seperate head system makes these very versatile and they are cleanly cast on the whole, awaiting an order of some armoured spearmen, these are very much in the style of Bernard Cornwells Warlord Chronicles and among my favouite miniatures along with Crusader. Any criticisms? Yes the horses could be better some of the tails are a bit "Sticky onny" and the muscles too "slabular". Anyone needing a translation of my text probably works with me so ask in person!

Crusader Dark age Scots

One of the newer lines from Crusader Miniatures is their Dark Age Scots, very nice miniatures like all of the Crusader castings, kinda solid and characterful, very nice really rate their mounted figures too as their horses are better than most. More to follow....

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More Randon pics of my work

I think this is Gripping Beast, a mounted Welsh Cheiftain.

BTD saxon noblemen.

Left to right are a Renegade Saxon, a BTD Saxon King and a Crusader Norman with a Renegade shield.
Die Waffenkammer 28mm Panther

An American compant that produces superb 1/56th scale or 28mm WW2 Armour, really crisp detail on these models, check them out at

GW Fantasy Dragon Conversion

Lovely model, hated the cliff launch pad so cut her off and re modelled the legs and feet so she was free flying, sold her on ebay for about £100 when I decided WFB was not right for me at the time.

Warlord Games 25mm Celtic Chariot

Very proud of this chariot, one of three I painted for Warlord that featured on the cover of Wargames Illustrated, great advert for my painting service, just in time for me to knock pro painting on the head and return to Nursing. Great timing Mike!

25mm Napoleonics

25mm Old Glory Imperial Guard Chasseurs with Standard, Officer, Colonel and Bugler

Colonel and NCO

Standard and Bugler

Mounted Officer.
Nice miniatures with good poses and character but the castings are a bit dated, have lots of flash on them and need re mastered now, or better still 2 years back!