Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Immortal Plastic Hoplites

Left side of figure including shield Transfer.
Right side of model including inside of shield.
Ive rabbited on in here a bit about being a pro painter yadda yadda yadda, here is one of the advantages, I contacted Stephen May of Immortal miniatures a while back offering to paint some of his new Plastic Hoplites in exchange for a few boxes to make my own army and he agreed hopefully impressed with some pics of my painting. The models arrived last week and here are the first pics of one painted, so I also thought I would do a review of the models while I was at it.
The box contains enough sprues to build 34 Hoplites with a mixture of tunics, linen and Bronze armour and predominantly spears but some swords too. The shields are in 2 designs with the more common Hoplon types being in 2 sizes and are attached to the arms with excelent detail inside the shield rim. The quality of the casting is superb, there was no flash to remove on any of my models and the box also contains enough bases for all the models in 20mm square which is a godsend and saves procuring seperate bases at extra expense.
The helmets represent several designs and the modeller can choose the crest style depending on the era he is representing, excellent.
The box also contains shield transfers, waterslide type, with a number of historically accurate designs which have been very well researched and produced and are of a very high quality.
Lastly the box cotains an unexpected Gem, a reference book with descriptions of hoplite equipment including their colours and designs and a description of the historical periods in which they featured, this is clearly a labour of love from someone who is an expert in the period and who has looked carefully at the archeological and historical evidence when preparing his product and then released something for the love of the period rather than as a money making venture.
Overall I am very impressed with these, they represent excelent value for money at the price and I'm glad to paint for Immortal and proud to be associated with them.