Sunday, 29 August 2010

Gripping Beast 28mm Teutonic Knights

Grand Master

Another view

One more shot

Finally got around to painting some of my own stuff. These are the first shots of my Gripping Beast Teutonic order WAB army, I have 1500 points worth and these came as one of GB's £100 army deals which I used the profit from selling my Ultramarines to finance.
Im basing them on snow bases to represent the order during their various Baltic campaigns, its interesting to read about the orders history, I do this for most of my projects to gain insight and generate enthusiasm, the order originated in the middle east during the crusades then moved to North Eastern Europe and from what I can gather had a habit of getting their arses kicked in battle, they lost almost all the major engagements they where involved in but still gained a reputation for being very arrogant in dealing with locals and other organisations. Hmm........ very German. But, they looked cool and field a lot of cavalry so make an iteresting WAB army with a lot of punch.
Ill post details of the army list with ore photos later.