Thursday, 30 September 2010

Saxon Leaders finished and based

Two Finished WAB Leaders, one will be army General one a character

Gripping Beasts Penda

Penda from the front, he has just butchered the guy at his feet, not pretty when someone has their head smashed in and back chopped open with an axe!

This is Musketeers Saxon General again now based.

Same figure from the front with a slain champion at his feet.

This is the test base I did, I felt all the Saxon bases looked a bit garish with the flock, so I toned em down using airbrushed devlan mud, nice effect, tones down the flock and cos it also hits the lower part of the miniature it blends it into the base and subtly makes it look like it belongs in the terrain on the base.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Musketeer Miniatures Saxon General

Front View

Close up

Cloak and rear view

This miniature is going to be the general for my Saxon Age of Arthur army, Ive seen one superbly painted on the banner of the WAB forum, but have been unable to pin down the painters blog for a closer look, check out the forum and have a look, superb painting and I love the colour scheme so have shamelessly copied the style from memory and I'm really pleased with this guy, Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I will mount him on a 40mm square base with a slain enemy champion at his feet from Gripping beasts early saxons.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Aventine Sassanid Elephant & LBMS Transfers for Ebay sale

Side view WIP Shot

Front showing "De pigmentation"

Full side view
I thought I would post about this model because I think the combination of LBMS transfers and the Aventine model is excellent, the model fits together well with minimal mould lines and on the website you can buy alternative trunks including one throwing someone! The transfers fit perfectly but remember that when you peel off the backing they apply face down so what you think is te left side is the right and visa versa. I spent some time in India a few years back and following my habit of preoccupation with wargaming was able to photo some Elephants up close with a view to painting them, interesting colouration, especially the de pigmentation that occurs making them look pink around the eyes ears and mouth this is dark dots in areas of pale pik rather than pink dots. Anyway I will finish this model and Ebay him this weekend, anyone interested in buying him directly and saving me ebay fees email me at

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Standard Bearer.

Ive altered the standard this guy carried, will go with hand painted baners throughout the army.

West Wind Productions Saxons

First Unit of 15 Gedriht for WAB

Close up of right flank
(The guy with Bull skull covered in blood will eventually be my ASB)

Left Flank

Centre ( The Guy in the Sutton Hoo Helm will be a Cyning and army general)

Ive had these miniatures for some time and only recently got some paint on them, I used Army builder quickshade and their Matt varish then super highlighted them and muddied the cloaks etc. Ive Hand painted the shields and will probably do the banners too for this army (Ill do away with the LBMS banner at the back ad replace it with a boar or similar). Nice figures and Im a fan of the seperate head system as it allows quite a lot of variation in the units, more soon.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Crusade continues

Teutonic Magister By Gripping Beast

The other side, shield transfer by LBMS

The Grand master and the Magister
Really enjoying painting these figures and basing them in snow for a Baltic Campaign against the Rus, or whoever is maneuvered into a conflict with the Teutonic order, remember "GOD WILLS IT!"

Friday, 3 September 2010

More Gripping Beast 28mm Teutonic Knights

Gripping Beast Teutonic Colonist Spearmen
First 5 of 24 inc Command and musician

Close up

More close ups

Rear View.
I want these guys to look nice and Grubby, although its snowing they have either been in the field for a while or the tracks have been churned to slush by horses and wagons.
For the muddy clothing I used GW Devla Mud (Excellent product) and washed several times, gradually reducig the coverage and moving towards the feet this gives a graded muddy effect.
The snow is from "Woodland scenics" I paint the bases noemally and finish them with some winter grass (I used GW Glade grass) then mix a paste of the scenics snow and add lots of water, apply it to the base in blobs and when still wet sprinkle on more snow from the shaker. It sets like concrete, I demonstrated this to my wife by sandpapering her nose with he dried left overs. Hmm, cold back for me for a few nights!