Friday, 13 September 2013

A very sad day

On wednesday one of my cats Eric or Ercy as we called him was hit by a car, he suffered extensive damage to his pelvis including nerve damage and sadly couldnt be saved so today he had to be put down. We got him 3 years ago as a tiny kitten shaking with fear and he snuggled in my beard and started purring as he calmed down, a great cat who never once clawed anyone or was ever a pest. Today I held him as he tried to hide in my beard, in pain and frightened, poor little guy, Im very sad even though it was painless and gentle and he was with both me n suzie at the end. 

Sleep in peace now little Ercy :-(

Tha Assault Group Modern Russians

So Ive got lots of work on, big list of comission work to complete, so of course Ive gone off at a tangent! Heres some shots of a TAG modern Russian MVD trooper with an AK74/USG, lovely models these, the weapons are excellent unlike their M16's!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

E Car insurance

Quick warning about E Car insurance, today I got an email at 14.59 saying my insurance policy was going to be cancelled at 15.00, i rang them having previously been told by them on the phone that everything was in place and a drone repeatedly read a statement saying I had failed to action removing a second driver, this is because they previously told me on the phone they would do it, incompetent ass holes, now ive got to scrabble round with 1 minutes notice to replace my insurance, avoid them like the plague!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Musketeer Beduin Archers

These are absolutely superb casts, clean and well detailed, easy to paint and as the bow hand is seperate very easy to pose differently, really reccomend them.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Musketeer Ghulam Heavy Cavalry

Need to finish base on this guy but very pleased with the horses trapper and shield, excellent sculpt from Bill at Musketeer, big fan of his.

Musketeer Saracens

Heres the Warlord from my Crescent & Cross Saracen Army, Musketeer Miniatures "Armies Of The Caliphates" range, superb sculpts these.

Fireforge Templar & Crusaders

These are the start of a SAGA Crescent & Cross Army I'm working on, a mixture of Templars, Knights Hospitaller & Balian of Ibelins retinue.... Saracens following.