Friday, 17 September 2010

Aventine Sassanid Elephant & LBMS Transfers for Ebay sale

Side view WIP Shot

Front showing "De pigmentation"

Full side view
I thought I would post about this model because I think the combination of LBMS transfers and the Aventine model is excellent, the model fits together well with minimal mould lines and on the website you can buy alternative trunks including one throwing someone! The transfers fit perfectly but remember that when you peel off the backing they apply face down so what you think is te left side is the right and visa versa. I spent some time in India a few years back and following my habit of preoccupation with wargaming was able to photo some Elephants up close with a view to painting them, interesting colouration, especially the de pigmentation that occurs making them look pink around the eyes ears and mouth this is dark dots in areas of pale pik rather than pink dots. Anyway I will finish this model and Ebay him this weekend, anyone interested in buying him directly and saving me ebay fees email me at


  1. That is outstanding. Love the markings on the ears and trunk...

  2. Thaks guys, very kind, Paul, the Krauts have finished herding the Elephant off the painting table and are next!