Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Further shots of OG Casualties

Gripping Beast plastic Saxon standing over two Vikings, one holding his mates head together.

Close up of these Old Glory figures which come as a single miniature with two figures.

Aerial view showing the composition of the 40mm base, I think it worked well.

More SAGA miniatures

Not updated for a while so here is some of my recent work, primarily Im focusing on Gripping Beasts upcoming SAGA skirmish rules, from what I can glean the Warlord in each force is quite critical and Darre at the beast tells me they are mouting them on larger bases to make them stand out. Ive focussed on making a round 40mm base into a little diorama to depict the warlords, and maybe cos Im a bit bloodthirsty they feature casualties, the ones below are Old Glory 25mm "The slain" casualty pack miniatures which I think are excellent figures and good value.

Above is a Black Tree Design Viking, these are great figures but sadly this company's customer service is very poor, I ordered some Late Romans from them and waited so long I cancelled the order and got a refund, shame cos they have some nice miniatures.

This is a close up of one of the OG casualties, love his helmet which is knocked sideways.

Here he is again with a West Wind Productions Arthurian as my Saxon champion roaring "Whose next!"

Not the best shot but here is a Gripping Beast Saxon with a head tilt and arm coversion standing over an OG set of two Vikings, one kneeling holding his mates brains in! Will add another close up ate the end of post.

A GB Viking with a Little big man Banner, excellent products from LBMS.