Friday, 3 September 2010

More Gripping Beast 28mm Teutonic Knights

Gripping Beast Teutonic Colonist Spearmen
First 5 of 24 inc Command and musician

Close up

More close ups

Rear View.
I want these guys to look nice and Grubby, although its snowing they have either been in the field for a while or the tracks have been churned to slush by horses and wagons.
For the muddy clothing I used GW Devla Mud (Excellent product) and washed several times, gradually reducig the coverage and moving towards the feet this gives a graded muddy effect.
The snow is from "Woodland scenics" I paint the bases noemally and finish them with some winter grass (I used GW Glade grass) then mix a paste of the scenics snow and add lots of water, apply it to the base in blobs and when still wet sprinkle on more snow from the shaker. It sets like concrete, I demonstrated this to my wife by sandpapering her nose with he dried left overs. Hmm, cold back for me for a few nights!

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