Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Preperation for SAGA rules launch.

Im really quite excited about Gripping Beasts new SAGA rules!

A GB Plastic Viking Warlord, based on 40mm round base.

Same dude different view.

A GBP Saxon Warlord with an unfortunate scot!

A small Saxon Warband.

ANother Viking Warlord, a GBP/Warlord Games Hybrid.

Part of one of my Viking Warbands

Conquest Games, Plastic Normans

Really like the way this Grey turned out.

Another Conquest Norman Knight.

So, Gripping Beast and Tomahawk studios are producing a dark age skirmish game called SAGA, also GB ad Conquest games are producing excellent plastic miniatures so dark age gaming has pretty much never had it so good! Ive re based my Saxons and Vikings in preperation and have even finished my gaming table, I love skirmish games and due to the nature of warfare in the dark ages smaller skirmishes where much more common than larger battles so personally I cant wait. I know very little about the mechanics at this stage except they seem to have some intriguing special dice, figures are indiviually mounted on reound bases and warlords/Leaders/Heroes are on larger bases, so Ive hit about 30 figures, Viking and Saxons and have some unarmoured welshmen from West Wind in the wings, so Im wishing my life away again waiting for the rules! anyone who played at SALUTE and can give us a run down on the mechanics please comment!


  1. Great painting on the Vikings, esp the dappled horse to pick one out. Looking forward to this set as well and just got some extra inspiration. Cheers, Michael

  2. Cracking stuff!

    I remember Darren talking about Saga a good while back so it's great to see that it's near completion.


  3. I had a play and a chat to the rules designer- it played really well. The special dice are rolled at start of turn and the number of dice you get is based on the number of certain troop types. Those dice become a sort of resoruce pool for activations and special abilities that you can use. Each warband type has different abilities- Vikings are very attack orientated- special moves do more damage etc etc, whereas Anglo Saxons have special abilities that are more about defensive abilities. Im very excited for it.

  4. I'm looking forward to this as well.

    We have been using "Age of Blood" for our Viking and Saxon skirmishes of late and are having an absolute hoot with it!

  5. I bought saga and have been bitterly disappointed by the whole experience. I have played a couple of games and spent most of the weekend watching demo games at Derby Uni. I cannot see the point of having anything other than Hearthguard units, when meeting other HG units they simply slaughter each other 8 times out of 10 and when meeting anything else they slaughter them and survive to fight on. Also they are the easiest to activate so you can always save the better/harder to role symbols to buy more 'fadge' on the battleboard to optimise you carnage and slough of fatigue. For me it isn't a game. Plus 25 notes for a stapled book, really, in this day and age. I thought it was just the game that was about rape and pillage not the company.