Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Right Ive amended the Slogan on the JS2's Turret after advice from a very cool blogger called "Prince Repnin", blog here http://ageofreasonwargaming.blogspot.co.uk/ he knows Russian, thank you, very much Appreciated, he said "But i see a little mistake in a slogan. Not "боЯвая", but "боЕвая". Usually the slogan was such "Боевая Подруга" (in rus.:"Boyevaya Podruga" - "Fighting girlfriend") .Brilliant stuff, no doubt this led to much crude military humour about her having 5 guys at once inside her!
At least it would have in the British Army, maybe Ivan was more refined.........

Bit random here, JTFM Joseph Stalin 2 WIP

Finished JS2

Warlord Games T34/85
Heres a shot of that 122mm howitzer!

Black Tree Design Russki Snipers in "Oemeba" pattern Camo

BTW the previous posts shots are all Plastic Soldier Company 28mm Russki's, mostly one piece casts, cheap and effective, kinda like the Red Army!
For anyone interested here is a colour guide.
Tolcrothlogans Russian Painting guide
Helmets & painted metal
Vallejo 70894 Russian Green

Infantry Tunic, Breeches, Cap
Vallejo 70880 Khaki Grey

Boots Vallejo 70950 Black, highlight with dark grey then washed with GW Badab black.

Belts and webbing
Vallejo 70983 Flat Earth

Packs, bags, pouches, canvas on vehicles etc
Vallejo 70821 German Camo Beige

Great Coat / Coat Roll
Vallejo 70874 USA Tan Earth

Flesh all done using GW cadian fleshtone and kislev flesh with a reikland flesh wash in between. I make exclusive use of an airbrush and GW washes. White undercoat, airbrushed on Khaki Grey in big batches, block on all other colours then airbrush on GW Agrax Earthshade wash. When dry use original colours to highlight, then add a pale bone colour to super highlight. Weapon stocks a light brown/sand agrax wash then paint in grain with fine brush, gunmetal is black undercoated, drybrushed GW boltgun then badab black wash. Silver dints added to helmets. Done'


  1. Excellent work! After US army i will start to collect RKKA for sure.

    But i see a little mistake in a slogan. Not "боЯвая", but "боЕвая". Usually the slogan was such "Боевая Подруга" (in rus.:"Boyevaya Podruga" - "Fighting girlfriend").

  2. Great work. I like these Ruskies.

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  4. Thats really cool, thank you, amending slogan ASAP

  5. That looks really awesome - great job.

  6. a cracking bit of work there , great eye candy

  7. Mike, you have won an award please see my blog for details

  8. Hi, I´m new in the comments section, but I don´t miss a post :) Congratulations for your great blog.

    Damn! I´ve just seen you have won before... so... with my nomination this will be the second time you win de award :)


    Excellent painting!

  9. Looking lovely.... But I doubt that Russian humour would have been any more refined!