Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Plastic Soldier Company Russians
Tolcrothlogans Russian Painting guide

Helmets & painted metal
Vallejo 70894 Russian Green

Infantry Tunic, Breeches, Cap
Vallejo 70880 Khaki Grey

Boots Vallejo 70950 Black, highlight with dark grey then washed with GW Badab black.

Belts and webbing
Vallejo 70983 Flat Earth

Packs, bags, pouches, canvas on vehicles etc
Vallejo 70821 German Camo Beige

Great Coat / Coat Roll
Vallejo 70874 USA Tan Earth

Flesh all done using GW cadian fleshtone and kislev flesh with a reikland flesh wash in between. I make exclusive use of an airbrush and GW washes. White undercoat, airbrushed on Khaki Grey in big batches, block on all other colours then airbrush on GW Agrax Earthshade wash. When dry use original colours to highlight, then add a pale bone colour to super highlight. Weapon stocks a light brown/sand agrax wash then paint in grain with fine brush, gunmetal is black undercoated, drybrushed GW boltgun then badab black wash. Silver dints added to helmets. Done'


  1. These guys look absolutly wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment Roger, painting guide added.