Saturday, 20 August 2011

Foundry Vikings and Normans for SAGA Rules

Viking Warlord with two four man Hearthguard units, 2 points for SAGA I will add an 8 man unit od warriors with spears and a 12 man unit of levies with bows to make my 4 point warband.

This is a huge foundry figure, excellent casting, had to scratch build the shield for him as a normal shield looked tiny!

Here he is again, real monster, the Normans better get some iron into this bastard fast!

Foundry Normans on Conquest plastic horses, legs didnt fit so I used a pen wrapped in sandpaper in a drill to round them out, quick and easy, these make a great mounted knight, the guy on the right is Duke WIlliam, the one on the left is bishop Odo.

Odo on his grey.

William the Bastard, riding one of the four horses he lost at Hastings?

Half a 1 point warrior band, the Norman warband will be more of a combined arms deal, 2 units of 4 mounted knights (Hearthguard) Mounted Warlord, 1 unit of 8 warriors with spears and 12 levies with bows.

Close up of a spearman.

Another spearman, hand painted shields these, more time but nice effect.

Another close up. Took the photos with my iphone4 great tool that, easy digital zoom. I bought these at the Foundry factory shop in Nottingham just after the riots, they where not damaged but had cancelled an open day as they felt people where unlikely to travel, very friendly and gave me a generous discount worht about 25% so well worth the visit. SAGA now has a release date, check gripping beasts website, they also have some sample warbands to give you an idea for army preperation, not sure if the number of hearthguard units will be limited but suspect so as armour would have been quite expensive so Im going for majoity unarmoured in my warbands.


  1. They all look fantastic. Beautiful painting and basing. Makes me want to play some Dark Ages again. Best, Dean

  2. These are very nice figures, the painting and basing is excellent.

  3. These look great, how do you do your metalics?

  4. Thanks guys. Dan, metalics are block painted with GW boltgun metal inc the chainmail, block painted not drybrushed. Then when fully dry washed with GW badab black wash. When dry a light drybrush with boltgun metal on raised areas of the mail and a hardline hoghlight on the weapons and helms. This gives a much better effect than trying to drybrush chailmail. I then wash devlan mud and highlight belts etc, some goe on the mail at the edges of the straps and softens the shadows. Really quick an easy.

  5. Thanks, very effective, I will try it.