Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Foundry 28mm Vikings

Group shot, these are for SAGA when they are published! A Warlord and most of 2 four man Hearthguard units, lovely castings.

The Warlord, mounted on 40mm round base to make him stand out..

Banner bearer, Jomsviking banner from LBMS, shield transfers also LBMS but the shields are GB plastic ones.

Nice spectacle helm, very norse...

A close up of an amoured Viking, very nice figures from Foundry but very dear, so, buy them from Stuart Armstrong at I found him through Ebay, fast and friendly service and mint figures cheaper than from Foundry. Thanks Stu.


  1. Beautiful work! I'd love to see them in battle!

  2. Those are great. I really like the bases.

    I'm building warbands for SAGA using Foundry figs as well and I think I may give the plastic shields from Gripping Beast a go, too.

  3. yes awesome figures, well done.