Sunday, 6 February 2011

Space Wolves Army Building Blog Update 4

Whose Afraid Of The Big Bad Wooluf?
Wolf Lord On Thunderwolf

Close Up.

Rear View.

Right 45 View.

So here is the first of my Mythicast Thunderwolves, very impressed with the models, beautiful sculpts, casting slightly rough in areas and needed lots of cleaning but overall for the price they are superb. Good service from Mythicast too, responded quickly to my emails and the tracking number allowed me to watch their progress accross the globe. The only real problem I had was that my excitement made me build the rider torsos in advance, dont, you need to make sure they fit the legs well so build them when you can refer to the wolf models and avoid having to re build them! The Space wolf torso fronts from GW all have bits hanging down which interfere with fitting on the legs so you need to use normal marine torso fronts from your bit box. Overall, I love these models, I did the wolf fur the same was as the pelts mentioned earlier in the blog and in the hand the model looks great the pics dont do him justice! Let me know what you think of him. 1 down 4 to go. PS in response to a previous comment I agree the wolfen is pointless in TWC as you risk having fewer attacks and have rending anyway so the wolfen will get legs and become a grey hunter.


  1. Guard's going to be having wolf steak for tea!

    Very nice mate, we must get together for a natter sometime soon. I'll be able to tell you the story about how the feckin local garage has just cost me a grand!

  2. You wouldn't be willing to post up a tutorial on how you painted this mini would you? It looks absolutely amazing.

  3. Yes, you do make painting look fun and easy - very well crafted.