Wednesday, 2 February 2011

237 new visits in one day?

Yesterday I had a record 237 hits from new visitors, anyone know why? If the blog has been mentioned somewhere could someone drop me a line to say where so I ca link it on the blog please? Cheers.


  1. Hey,

    I'm one of the new people who have came over and your blog was mentioned on the Tuesday Top Ten at From the Warp.

  2. also ...

    Probably due to TGN syndication.



  3. Mike, Lord Shaper is most likely correct. I've heard on a number of ocassions that people see a surge in traffic when they get listed in the Top Ten.
    Your Njal Stormcaller made it into the Top Ten this week because I thought you did a great job painting up the white in his beard. You deserve the credit for doing the work an getting those hits. I felt like it was something people should see for the week.

    You don't often see white beards and it caught my eye immediately. Most of the time you see the classic orange or some kind of brown, but I think the white gives him an aged (almost venerable) look. That and the high grass at his feet seems to add a bit of wind and movement to him giving him the feeling of casting some kind of storm.

    Nice work.
    Ron, From the Warp

  4. No problem Dude... I'm glad I've been able to see what you can do. Call it an inspiration to me!

  5. mike
    sent an email to you last week can you confirm you recieved it please ref commission work