Saturday, 29 January 2011

Space Wolves Army Building Blog Update 1

My First Three Scouts

Close up 1

Close Up 2

Close Up 3

Thuderwolf rider torso/Wolfen Conversion

Thunderwolf Rider heads
So Im gradually working on my space wolves. My Mate Col Corbane gave me some scouts a couple of years ago and I finally built them. I added lots of bits like heads, rune stones and other bits from the space wolf sprues. There will be a squad of 9 in the army, Im now settled on 2000 points and am going for models I like rather than balance so will have to practice hard to get anywhere with these in battle. Ive also added some pics of parts of my thunderwolf riders, I always paint heads seperately as its easier to detail them and paint the main figure in bits. I have a rider with the mark of wolfen in the army list and converted the torso by removing the hands from some arms, boring out the ends with a 1.5mm drill then inserting plastic ghoul hands, looks good to me. This dude will have d6+2 rending attacks on the chargs and is cheap in points so cheap and nasty! My Wolf lord will have eternal warrior, belt of russ, frost blade so 7 initiative 5 rending attacks on the charge, 6 in normal combat a real monster!
More soon.


  1. The blue you've done on these guys is awesomely harsh -- it looks fantastic. Great job.

    Steve -- Warhammer Armies

  2. For the life of me, I don't know why I have never thought of doing yellow wolf-like eyes. Brilliant! I will definitely burrow your idea for my Mark of te Wulfen.

  3. I just saw your comment on the other post. Sure I can critique, but if you want a multi-perspective critique head down to the 'Fang' at the B&C. They are always ready to lend a hand.


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  4. Looking damn good matey, are you actually going to keep this army?

  5. They look awesome mate. Personally I think Wulfen is a waste on TWC though because you already get rending and you could actually end up with less attacks than a standard model.