Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Space Wolf Army Building Blog

Njal Stormcaller and Blood Claw.

Njal Again

Wolf Pelts.

Close up of the old bugger.

Blood Claw with Plasma Pistol and Power sword.
So here I go again with another change of direction. This came about from happening accross a discussion on Dakka Dakka or somewhere about thunderwolf cavalry models, which in turn led me to seeing the Mythicast thunderwolves, these are superb sculpts check them out at this site They are a Phillipines based model company and make some sci fi wolf mounts and giant wolves ideal for thunder wolves and fenrisian wolves. Now personally I hate the huge GW pugdog wolf rider figure to the extent where it put me off space wolves, but, these mythicast wolves look great and will form my command squad of 4 thunderwolves and mounted wolf lord in the army I am building. While I am waiting for them to arrive from the Phillipines Ive started painting and have done Nigel and a Blood Claw to test the scheme, here is what I did.
Main Figure. These I build and leave the weapons off because painting chest details is easier with no weapon I paint them seperately on coctail sticks inserted into drilled barrels, I black undercoat the models and use an airbrush to apply 50% shadow grey and 50% space wolf grey just like the GW site suggests. Then I make a wash from Adeptus battlegrey foundation paint, washing up detergent and water to make a very dilute wash, apply this to the creases between the armour with a fine brush, the washing up liquid helps it run so does warm water so I always use warm washes. Finally an extreme highlite on the edges with space wolves grey and the armour is done.
Equipment. Any equipment on the figure I block paint the main colours then wash it with a 70/30 mix of Gryphonne sepia and devlan mud. This makes an excellent wash very like army builder dark tone, BUT, its matt so no pissing about with varnishes. Then I highlight with the original colour and add some bleached bone to super highlight. I always prefer bleached bone to white as it gives a gentler dustier highlight.
Wolf Pelts. These I love and its simple, base coat a mid grey like GW codex grey, paint the underside anything from pale brown to nearly white your choice. Wash with the same mix as above then drybrush the original grey over the whole pelt then work towards the edge with lighter greys like GW Fortress grey and finally bleached bone. The reason for this is that wolves have a light inderside and when skinned this will form the edges of the pelt. Lastly go back to the pelt and wash several coats of devlan mud or black (Your choice and wolves vary greatly in colour so experiment) with this wash I do 3 or 4 coats making it narrower each time so only the very narrow centre strip gets all the washes, this gives an excellent effect. Lastly highlite the underside with the original colour and superhighlight with added bleached bone, done.
Thats all for now, more will follow as I intend to do a blow by blow blog of the Mythicast wolves as a review of the models. TTFN.


  1. Very impressive fur work. Congrats.

  2. Thank you all for the kind comments, Colonel, I tried texting you to set up a joint painting session to try a bit of mutual cheerleading and motivation but I guess I dont have your new snazzy phones number email it to me?

  3. Hey ight runner, the pic should have tipped me off, just checked out your blog great work, if your a regular wolf player any chance I could email you my list for critiquing?

  4. I've just bought the mythicast figures and I'm blogging about my progress with them. Really pleased with the models.

    Awesome work by the way!