Wednesday, 13 January 2010

SS Panzergrenadiers - Normandy 44

SS Tank hunter groups with Panzerfaust & Panzerschreck, some in Peadot camo smocks and some in field dress to add a little variety (It could be hot in the summer of 44!)

Another shot of my Tank hunters.

Officers and NCO's, will do some runners soo too.

Another shot of the Leaders figures. "Overlord" rules make great use of command and control so leader figures are important in the game.


  1. Great work, mate. What did you use to texture the bases? Came out really nice.

  2. Bases are just sand, use wood filler to build up to level of yhe figures bases then sand & grit, top tip... use a diluted dark brown pait first, dilute it with hot water and it bursts through the grit really quickly whereas cold water forms blobs on the surface.