Wednesday, 13 January 2010

15mm Modern Israeli Armour from Peter Pig and a 15mm Syrian T54

Just for a change of pace, a Peter Pig 15mm T54 in Syrian colours.

Another Peter Pig, an Israeli M113.

AN Israeli SHOT Centurian Platoon with the bolt on ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) designed to disrupt the formation of the Jet in HEAT Rounds and shaped charges.
For those intersted the chevron on the side of the vehicle denotes the platoon within a company and rotates 45 degrees, clockwise, from verticle for each platoon, the stripes on the barrel denotes the vehicle number Side Elevation, these are superb miniatures, by far the best 15mm IDF Stuff on the market bar none. They are also all lead so feel really chunky, I love Peter Pig and will post some of his 15mm Vietnam Infantry soon.


  1. I love your m113, but you should really get a m163. It's the razorback to the m113's predator.

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  3. Cool models and superbly painted, i love all the unit identification markings.

  4. You have done such a great job on these!!!!!!!!! (All of you models)

    Do you have a modern rules set you use these with?

    Kind Regards,