Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Painting 28mm Faces

Thought I'd post a quick how to for painting faces n flesh on 28mm miniatures, heres my process with the exact paints used.

1. Undercoat with old GW Tallarn flesh foundation.

2. Wash with new GW reikland fleshwash (An excellent product)

3. Mix a tiny amount of new GW macragge blue base paint with GW cadian fleshtone layer, be subtle, paint this on sideburns, chin and upper lip, leave bottom lip the washed Tallarn flesh.

4. Paint cheeks, nose, eyebrows and forehead with cadian fleshtone leave small gaps of darked washed tallarn flesh. The new GW layer colours are gel based and are superb for blending. Using them you get a much more subtle blend.

5. Highlight cheeks, nose (use spot for bridge n spot for end) eyebrows and forhead, stay inside the cadian flesh tone, a good Kolinsky sable is a godsend here.

6. Eyes, i paint a narrow black stripe and add 2 small dots with GW ceramite white base, a superb white that covers in one coat.

7. Hair inc beards n taches, paint a brown, sand etc and use variety of colours. Wash with new GW agrax earthshade, highlight raised ridges with original colour, super highlight by adding a tiny bit of GW bleached bone and be subtle, think where light would land and remember "Less is more".

Thats my current method guys!


  1. Nice post! Maybe expand that with a step by step. You have some interesting techniques!

  2. Very cool - thanks for the tutorial. I love that close up.

  3. Very nice. Faces are always a problem for me.