Thursday, 28 March 2013

28mm Plastic Napoleonics

Some pics of work in progress, first up a superb model from Perry Miniatures, a Cuirassier Trumpeter, I'm hopefully getting some British Hussars soon to fight these more pics and an amusing story with a happy ending to follow so stay posted!

The French Line are part of a comission for Victrix's Steve Hales, these are 28mm plastics that Steve built and sent, superb miniatures and around £20 for 48 odd figures, have we ever had it so good?

More soon.


  1. Stunning work, not a fan of Victrix too much sticking for me but cant argue with the cost always thought they were great value
    Peace James

  2. Great job on these figures. The unis look great, but you did an awesome job on the dappled grey horse.