Saturday, 23 April 2011

Space Wolves Army Building Blog Update 5

Thunderwolf Progress

All 4 ready for finishing

Number 1

Number 2 (No Pun Intended)

Number 3 (Bet the Neighbours Love Him)

Yep, Number 4....

I got a flash of inspiration yesterday, a miracle considering the restless pack of german shepherds here wanting to go for long walks in the sun but I did break the painting up with walks!

I used Halfords grey primer initially here than an airbrush to add a large area of Fortress grey on the back and flanks, then a smaller area of codex grey within it moving up the back, again through airbrush, lastly I added black and continued up the back on two, and scorched brown for the other two, this was mixed with the codex grey.

Then I airbrushed the whole model with a 50% / 50% mix of Gryphone sepia and devlan mud, when dry I started at the bottom and drybrushed up with Bleached Bone, Fortress Grey, codex grey then codex grey/black on two and codex grey scorched brown on the other two (Wanted some variation within the pack and looked at the variations in my Alsations, 4 in case you're curious, oh and two Rottweiler/Alsation crosses).

Finally a fine airbrushed line down the back with neat devlan mud on the brownish ones and neat badab black on the others, then paint in the teeth and gums, wash the mouth with devlan mud and highlight em, I also used a bit more devlan mud to emphasise the areas around eyes and ears and creases on the muzzle of the growling ones this was added by brush. The eyes are 50%/50% yellow and darksun foundation.

Will complete the riders today and bases and post finished pics of the whole squad soon.

Gaming wise they are very very threatenning, added melta bombs makes them dangerous to vehicles too (Assuming that I remember them and dont let Col Corbane off the hook again!) and they are swift!, fleet plus 12" charge, their job will be as glorious bullet magets lancing into the heart of the enemy while my other units manouver up. Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh, they'll look great when I kill them next time ;-)

  2. Those are some great looking wolves mate! Well done.