Monday, 3 May 2010

This Blog Entry is now entitled "Up Yours Mel" :-)

Gripping Beast Plastic Viking Front.
(Clic Pic to enlarge)

Gripping Beast Plastic Viking Rear.

These are shots of the first of my Gripping Beast vikings, these are outstanding kits, better than any other plastic Danes on the market by a long way, the casting is so good you can read the runes on the sword, loads of spare parts, limitless conversion possibilities and dynamic poses, can't wait to get my hands on the Saxons that are planned, really very well done to Darren and the team at Gripping Beast!


  1. Very nice mate, although you really should learn to add titles to your blogs - lol.

  2. Hi
    Nice paint job and the miniatures turned out nice.

    I started to assemble mine today and can't say I'm as happy as appears that not all arms fit all torsos and, from the 3 minis I assembled, only the first one come right at first try.

    Will make a pause and resume some other day...maybe it's just me...

    Will also paint these 3 chaps and see how they look like.

    Also, the heads seem too big for the bodies but will wait for the paint job to make final judgement...


  3. @Col, Thanks mate, Title now added.....

    @Alex have responded on TMP, I had the same problen initially, trip off the bulge in the chainmail at the top of some arms.