Monday, 25 April 2011

Space Wolves Army Building Blog Update 6

4 man Thunderwolf Squad with Attached Wolf Lord.

Thunderwolf Cavalry, Power Weapon and Storm Shield.

Thunderwolf cavalry, Plasma Pistol & CCW with Melta Bombs.

Thuderwolf Cavalry, Bolt Pistol & CCW with Melta Bombs.

Thunderwolf Cavalry, Plasma Pistol & CCW.

Finished my Thunderwolf Cavalry squad, added loads of bits from my bits box like pouches, grenades and melta bombs. Im really pleased with this unit it really looks awesome in the flesh, very nasty too with the 12" charge and fleet, planning to bombburst the wolf lord out of the unit on the chargs to make a double attack on two units or vehicles, they will certainly draw fire, but, the army also has Nigel bunkered in a 5 man wolf guard unit in terminator armour, covering fire from long fangs and 4 x 5 man squads of marines all coming forward at a run, the plan is for this army to fight fast and nasty and leave the opponent feeling mauled by turn 3. LOL Ill probably lose though! Second game tonight, so far ive lost 1 from 1 (Tabled by Col Corbanes armour heavy guard list, but, I forgot the melta bombs!).

Just finished my second game with this army, an anihilation game with dawn of war deployment, won 10 - 4 on kill points against Imperial Guard, very enjoyable game, a 5 man Ogryn squad creamed the remains of my TWC and wolf lord in combat though it was only the lord and one other TWC after they had rolled up the guards right flank killing a couple of large guard units includig their commisar, good stuff, all good for the learning curve with these wolves...


  1. Looking good mate, but I'm hoping for a 2 for 2 :-)

  2. Great looking models. I got the same set, but haven't painted them up yet. I love what you have done with the airbrush, and I may have to copy your idea. It looks very natural.
    I love my airbrush. In two hours I was able to base coat, shade and highlighted 62 space wolves at once. now for the details.

  3. Super cool models. I am absolutely overwhelmed coming across this post. Thanks for the same.

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